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Syrian Refugees and The Schooling Challenge

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Oct 29, 2018 / 0 Comments

In 2017, the U.N. refugee agency, UNHCR, estimated that globally 68.5 million people had been forcefully displaced—the worst such crisis since World War II. Of these, 40 million were internally displaced peoples (IDPs), 25.4 million were refugees, and 3.1 million were asylum seekers. Over half were minors and over half of those minors were out of school. In 2017, 61 percent of refugee children were in primary school, compared to 92 percent globally and 23 percent were in secondary school compared to 84 percent globally. Two-thirds of refugee children in primary school don’t go on to secondary education and only 1 percent go on to higher education. 


Article originally posted on Brookings’ website. Read full article

Omer Karasapan

Omer Karasapan is the Middle East and North Africa Region's Knowledge and Learning Coordinator. Previously he was the Knowledge Coordinator for the PREM Network and has also worked in the World Bank's Private Sector Development Department, as well as in the Private Participation in Infrastructure Division. Prior to joining the World Bank in 1989, he worked for Human Rights Watch as a consultant and also taught at the New York University.

Sajjad Ali Shah Sayed

Sajjad is the Middle East & North Africa’ Development Effectiveness Unit Manager at the World Bank


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